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10 Foods That Are Killing You EveryDay

Did you know that MANY foods you eat are slowly killing you? Most of us have a number of...
Chinese Man Spends $400,000 To Buy A Slaughterhouse & Saves 2,000 Dogs.

Chinese Man Spends $400,000 To Saves 2,000 Dogs

After his beloved puppy disappeared three years ago, Chinese millionaire Wang Yan dedicated his life to dogs rescue. Wang,...
Healthy Food

‘Healthy’ Foods That Are Actually Doing More Harm Than Good

" Healthy Foods" : These days we are much more aware of what helps our bodies run like well-oiled machines and what...
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Dog fitted with prosthetics adopted by detective who lost leg in crash

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Gray News) - It's the perfect pair. A rescued dog fitted with prosthetics was adopted by a family familiar with the difficulties of having...
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This is Yardley, the dog supporter of a small Scottish club

Discovered this week on Twitter, the dog Yardley never misses a match of Pollok FC in Scotland. And it makes for some collector's items.

Wanting to Go on Vacation? Here’s a List of Places to Check Out

Travel to United Kingdom Travel to United Kingdom : The appeal of the United Kingdom (London in particular) has made this part of...