There’s nothing scarier than discovering your dog or cat is missing, and once a pet is lost ; it’s hard to know if they’ll ever come home. Pet owners may post flyers and go searching, but it’s impossible to know where the fur babies have gone.

Cat with women

Most of us have seen movies about the incredible journeys beloved pets take; overcoming all odds to find their home and family. Miraculously, this has happened in real life as well. Many real pets have made incredible journeys to find their owners, some of them traveling for years to get home.

If you’ve ever lost a dog or cat, you know how unsettling it can be. Will your furry friend make it home on his own? Where did he or she go? Is he or she in danger? Will your pet do anything to find his home? These amazing animals have made it!

Be prepared to have your heart touched ; and your dogs and cats hugged as you read these amazing stories of animals; who have traveled miles to get home.

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