Although Labradors don’t look intimidating – they’re quite cute and calm – they’re actually ideal guard dogs.


Labradors have an innate tendency to protect their pack and its leader – you.

As puppies, Labradors are known to bark quite often, especially in social situations where they bark even if you don’t see any immediate danger. However, your dog may think you are in danger, and he wants to make sure you are safe.

This breed is an adorable, obedient and intelligent dog that is very loyal to the family it grows up with.

Just like Marley, the 8-year-old Labrador who saved the Newsom family a few weeks ago when a knife-wielding intruder showed up at their home.

Marley isn’t just a pet, he’s a member of the Newsoms’ family. Mom and dad love and care for her, while the kids enjoy playing with her at all times of the day.

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