Sometimes when you see your dog snoozing on a pile of blankets, it’s hard to imagine it surviving beyond your backyard. But even our lovable little fluffy companions can surprise us. A dog lost in the Cascades nearly a month ago proves that.

On Oct. 6, 2019, Sierra Eberly and her 11-month-old dog, Snow Beau, were enjoying a run on the Mount Washington Trail near Seattle. As they approached a section of steep rocks, Eberly removed Snow Beau’s leash so they could both climb..

The agile pup reached the top ahead of her, and she wasn’t there to steady him when he was spooked by a mountain biker. Snow Beau took off running.

The dog disappeared, but his owner continued to do everything she could to find him. Phone calls, fliers, calls to shelters, online postings, dropping off food and familiar smells along the way…. seriously, everything.
“I had people offering to help with searches. Before I found it, I kept telling people that if anything good came out of it, even if I didn’t find it, it was a newfound faith in people. How nice people can be.”

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