What would you do if a dirty, stray puppy kept following you down the street?

This couple from Bulgaria found themselves in this situation when a brown puppy enthusiastically approached them. At first, they thought the little guy was greeting strangers until they realized he was following them.

The pup was quite lively, all excited about making friends.

With his tail wagging enthusiastically, the couple knew this puppy meant no harm. Even though he was having fun nibbling on their sleeves, they knew this puppy was looking for something very different – a good heart that would give him a chance in life.

At first, the couple tried to send him away, but he continued to look at them with sadness and hope.

At that moment, they knew they had to make a choice.
Dessy and Stoya, the couple in the video and the content creators behind PawMeow, met the puppy.

They explained that they are not an organization or a shelter. They are an ordinary couple who take in strays and give them a home. They rescued four different cats, all of which came from the street. Two stayed with them while the other two were placed with Dessy’s mother. They said their ultimate dream was to be able to build a shelter that would allow them to help as many stray cats as possible. But that doesn’t mean the dogs are exempt from their love.

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