Roxy is a daddy’s girl and it’s only natural that she wants to spend more time with him. After that, he makes sure he’s home in time to play.

Some comment on Youtube :

Maria McLaughlin :

Dad, you best not let it happen ever again. You’ve been told. 🐕⏰

Gem :

“I can’t hang out after work, my dog doesn’t like it when I come home late.”

Bronx and Rosie :

What a beautiful, sweet creature. Such a love, boy did she miss you! If only people knew what pit bulls are really like, everyone would want one…thanks for sharing, made me smile.

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David Cutter :

Roxy is so adorable, she reminds me of my Pitbull named Muffin, always upset when her daddy runs late! lol She’s my best friend for sure, if I take a nap in the afternoon & don’t wake up.on time for her dinner, she’ll put her two front paws on the couch and look over me and cry, if I’m slow at waking up she towers over me & licks my face and puts her head under my neck & nuzzles with me, she’s so Incredibly sweet I can’t help but getting up and making her a special dinner imeadiatly! 😀 Don’t know what I’d do without her, she’s the light of my life for sure!

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