Dog owners know that a dog needs more than just food, water and a roof over its head. But if you’ve never owned a dog, you’ll be surprised to find that there are many more responsibilities. When Laura decided to get a dog, she never thought her pooch had a special condition.


And there she was now, with Marley, barking at the door every day. She shushed him and ran to pick up all the pieces of paper he had destroyed while she was in the bathroom getting ready to leave for work. Taking care of him was a full-time job! Tired, she said, “You just got out,” but Marley was pawing at the door, ready to scream and throw a tantrum.

It’s getting easier


As a puppy, Marley was full of energy and now, at one year old, he still has the same energy and when he heard noises outside, he wanted to be there and investigate.

And if he was inside the house, he would do this.

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