In a rush of adrenaline, a Rutherford man ran into a raging fire to save his best friend, his dog Ditch.

Mark Woodbury had gone into the store for 10 minutes Tuesday to buy supplies for a fishing trip, but when he returned, he noticed smoke coming from a back window.

“You could smell it right away and there was black smoke everywhere,” Woodbury said.

“The first thing I thought of was Ditch. There was no way I was going to let my dog die burned.”

Man heroically rushes into burning house to save his dog

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Without hesitation, Mr.Woodbury rushed into the house to save the four-year-old dog.

It took three attempts to run through the house because the smoke made it difficult to see and the heat was overwhelming.

On the third attempt, Mr.Woodbury said he tripped over something and luckily it was Ditch.

He frantically carried the dog out of the house and tried to revive him in the driveway.

Police, paramedics and four fire engines were already on the scene. A paramedic responded and used a respirator mask to bring the dog back to life.

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