Lovely Sunny :

In Colorado, a dog is helping fight the coronavirus pandemic. Sunny, a golden retriever, has been delivering food to her neighbor Renee while she isolates herself.

Sunny’s owner Eveleth and Renee have lived side by side for more than a decade.

Renee has breathing problems, so she uses an oxygen tank. The Coronavirus is especially deadly to people with respiratory problems because it causes inflammation and fluid buildup in the lungs.
People with chronic respiratory problems have one of the highest mortality rates from COVID-19.

lovely Dog

The delivery process is simple: Eveleth sends Sunny to Renee’s house to pick up her grocery list. When she returns from the store, Eveleth gives the shopping bag to Sunny, who drops it off at Renee’s next door.

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“She took the list, gave it to Sunny and Sunny brought it to me,” Eveleth told KKTV. “I went to the store and got his groceries and he delivered them all.”

Sunny has been delivering to Renee since the virus began spreading in the U.S. a few weeks ago.

“What a wonderful thing, just a sweet thing,” Renee said. “So he started going back and forth. It was fun, it was a real treat.” Sunny seems to enjoy it, too. Renee gives him the equivalent of a dog tip after each successful delivery, asking, “Who’s a good boy?” and rubbing him down.

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