Adopting an animal is a great thing to do. There are many reasons why taking in an animal from a shelter can improve your own life. At the top of the list is the fact that you will be saving a life, especially if the shelter you adopt from is not slaughter-free.

Like many other animal shelters and organizations, the Wichita Falls Animal Services office likes to list animals for adoption on its Facebook page. One such entry recently caught the attention of thousands of people outside of Wichita Falls, and it’s pretty easy to see why.


On the surface, the entry is about Sky, a husky who lives at the facility. But the entry’s text suggests that the real star may be Zackry Majewski, a staff member. If the comments below the post are to be believed, that is indeed the case.

Zackry Majewski has a special fondness for huskies and can always be found snuggling with a puppy at the shelter. In his spare time, Zac enjoys hiking and listening to country music.

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